Namrata Mathur

Leadership & Empowerment Coach

   Let me help coach your powerful actions that become the signature to underscore your greatest achievements.
– Namrata Mathur


My unique set of skills as a Project Management professional with 22 years of work experience, and now as a Leadership Coach, allow me to create a much-desired outcome for the human capital, both as individuals investing in their potential and as a part of organizations investing in their workforce.

My unique Coaching tool kit allows me to help my clients break down their blocks, and formulate thoughts and associated actions to help influence the outcomes they are seeking for optimizing their life opportunity. I energize and enable my clients to create an effective interaction signature between them and all areas of their life that are brought to the coaching table.

My expertise lies in empowering the coaching engagement and navigating my clients to their desired outcome.

My success as a Coach is to see my clients underscore the transformation of challenges into opportunities. My passion for coaching knows no bounds, and I remain inspired as I continue to work with my clients, and get to experience the limitless synergy of a trained Coach acting in best interest of fthe client, and, the client invested in their own success.


Leadership Coaching to optimize the interactive capability of individuals and groups to achieve optimal results faster.

Once we discuss your individual coaching needs and desired outcomes, I will develop a Coaching plan designed to your needs


This helps you and your team to get into performance mode faster, use time and money to deliver efficient outcomes.

Coaching takes time and tools and with an expansive tool kit and coaching expertise, interviews, meetings, and others leadership and life interactions, I will present a proposal to help you optimize your opportunity.


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“Namrata is, put simply, one of the best coaches I know (and I say this as one who is, herself, a professional coach). If you want to make any kind of change in your life, or reach any kind of goal, you owe it to yourself to speak with Namrata first. Namrata first helps her clients identify the crux of their goals, and then she helps them move forward via attainable action items, each of which builds on previous successes. And — this is key — Namrata does all of this in her trademark extremely gentle, soothing manner, so what could be a scary or overwhelming process ends up feeling safe, affirming, welcoming, and confidence-building. Namrata is extremely intuitive, and she’s a great listener on multiple levels. She helps her clients appreciate that they are in full control of their lives, and she helps them actively create lives that bring them joy and fulfillment.I consider myself incredibly lucky to have worked with her.”

- Lauren Krasnow

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Namrata Mathur. Coaching was something I was interested in but not really sure of how it would work. By the end of my first session she not only allayed any concerns and she was able to help me see my situation in a new light.
Namrata, supported me in beginning to develop a plan and challenged me to review my current situation and where I wanted to go.
In subsequent sessions she helped me continued to help me move forward in my development plan and how to look at my professional situation differently.
Overall, this interaction has been very productive and would recommend her as a coach to any professional.

- Jay Cyr


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